These guys really know their stuff when it comes to computers, and internet marketing! I had a chance to catch up with them (they provide my internet hosting for my website, and have helped save my laptop multiple times!) for some professional portraits.techq-pro-portraits2

We set up shop in their conference room, and had a ‘Mock’ meeting for some marketing materials, as well as some portraits for a few members of their team.

This is the second time I’ve been asked to do some portraits – the first was for their wiring team, who were also a fun bunch of guys!techq-pro-portraits

They specialize in voice privacy systems, and handle all low voltage wiring jobs for residential, as well as commercial and industrial buildings. Things like internet lines, phone lines, and noise cancelling equipment for areas that are required to uphold HIPAA and other confidentiality standards.

For more information about any of their services – check them out by going to their site – and let them know Michelle Drew sent you! 😉