When choosing what to wear for a session it can be quite stressful. Does this go with that? What will my family wear? Will we clash with each other? Several different things can impact how your photos look in the end. When choosing clothes for a session with Drew Designs, it is important to keep in mind some of the following suggestions:

Keep it Simple! In regards to clothing, my recommendation is that it would be best for you to wear something casual, and comfortable. Long sleeve tops (primarily for adults) and long pants/jeans/skirts etc. are also recommended but it is your own choice. The reason for this is that the long sleeves will draw attention to your face and would eliminate any potential distractions from your arms or legs. For children, this isn’t usually an issue. If you do choose to wear short sleeves, shorts, etc, just be aware of the cut of the fabric and be aware of how the colour works with your skin-tone.

Light tops & Dark Bottoms If you prefer to wear white (or lighter colored) tops; then you should try to combine it with darker pants, dark blue jeans, etc. for better contrast.

Layers If you like to layer your clothing, that is perfectly fine.

Solid & Similar Solid colors are generally more appropriate for outdoor sessions. Some patterns are okay, but if it is too busy or clashes with anyone else in the shoot it may be a distraction. For Family sessions, it is good to wear similar solid colors, which also is used to create uniformity. For example, if blue is the choice of color, then a combination of light blue and navy blue etc would be fine. Another thing that you may want to be conscious of is shoe colors and accessories.

Mix it up!Also, if you would like, you may bring along a few different sweaters, shoes/sandals etc. for a slightly different look between shots for some variety in the photos.

Be Yourself! Ultimately it is what you, your family or your friends feel comfortable wearing during in the session. Whatever you choose to wear, we can definitely work with.